Licking [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Licking:

The bear watched him narrowly with its wicked little eyes, though it did not see fit to cease its paw-licking.

Cant expect money before its due, I spose, said the old man, licking his thin lips.

Somewhere in these woods he must be lying, resting those ponderous paws and licking his bloody flanks.

With his head between his fore-paws and one eye closed, he watches the tiny tongue of flame licking up the last coal.

He was at last discovered on the banks of the Ganges, standing near a human body, which he kept licking.

Watch took charge of it at once, pressing his warm body against the frosty fleece, and licking its face and feet to warm them.

The noise grew louder and louder and I could feel a vast warm tongue licking the cool silence of the night.

In his mind, he saw the fire again, licking across the face of last night's newspaper.

Thayer nodded, still looking at the floor, his tongue licking suddenly dry lips.

George called him; he came directly, and was for licking George's hand, but George pulled him about and examined him all over.