Lieder [noun]

Definition of Lieder:

religious song

Synonyms of Lieder:

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Sentence/Example of Lieder:

In 1827, he brought out his "Buch der Lieder," and followed this up with the first part of his famous "Reisebilder."

Neue vier Lieder, ws see seinen gesungen gewor'en mit Begleitung vun Fiedel.

"What we need for our journey home are a few of the altie lieder," he said, reaching back in the wagon for his scarred guitar.

The student must have her full quota of vocal exercises before she should think of attempting the Schumann Lieder.

He had already appeared as a translator with a work entitled Lieder der Edda von den Nibelungen.

Hence the Eddic lays in question form now a link between our lost Siegfried "Lieder" and our national epic.

These notes on each of the "Lieder" will help the student in playing these homely and easily intelligible compositions.

These are in many cases well able to stand the test of comparison with the best of the German Lieder.

Bluebell nodded, and gave full play to her magnificent voice in the wildest Lieder she could remember.

The same year, a generous friend called Eckstein published his first collection of Lieder.