Lies [noun]

Definition of Lies:


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Sentence/Example of Lies:

Descending the Alps to the east or south into Piedmont, a new world lies around and before you.

San Antonio de Bexar lies in a fertile and well-irrigated valley, stretching westward from the river Salado.

Every bell lies four times together before, and four times behind, except only when the extream changes are made behind.

But the strange mystery, the secret that lies concealed within its organization, is realized by but few.

Under all man's dreams of eternal gods and eternal heavens lies man's passion for the eternal feminine.

Every night when he goes to bed, the monkey curls himself up by his side and lies there till morning.

The silence, profound, unalterable, was the silence in the soul that lies behind all passion and distress.

He carried tales, told lies, and tried to make trouble, for no reason but to gratify his inclinations.

An appeal lies from its decision to the court of appeals consisting of three judges.

The danger is over for these others, but the poor youth who longed so greatly to succeed lies dead not far away.