Lieutenant [noun]

Definition of Lieutenant:


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Sentence/Example of Lieutenant:

The allegations detailed by her and two other detainees in that filing also involved a lieutenant who detainees said was promoted even after women complained.

Giannandrea does not have a clear top lieutenant, so if he were to depart Apple, it’s unclear who would replace him or if Apple would fold the unit back into the Software Engineering department.

As lieutenant governor, Mallott still lived in Juneau and had long used the luxury hotel for extended stays and as a second office while in Anchorage, friends said.

Afterward, Mallott’s emergency replacement as lieutenant governor, Davidson, gave the keynote address.

Maybe, she thought, the governor and lieutenant governor planned to offer her a job within state government.

Suga is adept at managing the bureaucracy and has been a loyal lieutenant.

Amazon announced on Friday that he will replace Jeff Wilke, one of the most trusted lieutenants of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, when he retires early next year.

At the end of the campaign the Emperor justly rewarded his lieutenant by creating him Prince of Wagram.

He was a member of the first provincial congress, and eighteen years lieutenant governor of the state of New York.

The tailor of the fairy tale with his "seven at a blow" is not in it with the gunnery Lieutenant of a battleship.