Lifelong [adjective]

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She described herself as a lifelong Republican who voted for every one of the party’s nominees before 2016.

They not only defend the lifelong disenfranchisement of ex-convicts, they use control of the courts to subvert referendums that pass to reenfranchise them.

Toys that teach coding can spark a lifelong interest in programming.

The condition causes tremendous pain and lifelong health issues, and currently doesn’t have a cure.

First, his emphasis on being a lifelong learner, always trying to read and learn more from one’s experiences—especially the failures.

He’s been a lifelong member of a group called The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, which sells itself as a volunteer organization that seeks to uplift the poor.

It would mean that surviving the virus is no guarantee of lifelong immunity, that people might have to get vaccinated every year, and that even survivors will still need to wear masks and follow rules on social distancing.

Dlugacz is a lifelong advocate, activist, and entrepreneur who has built a career on the simple but powerful ideal of doing good in the world.

He thought of her; but truth to tell he was too numbed to dwell on her agony, on the certitude of her lifelong captivity.

This ever after made them hate the French as cordially as they did their lifelong enemies, the Algonquin Indians.