Lifted [verb]

Definition of Lifted:

move upwards; ascend

Synonyms of Lifted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lifted:

Sentence/Example of Lifted:

The realm of small lift overflows with news in this edition.

If a deal is made soon, Hamrick believes “the market could get a short term lift from any positive development with respect to relief, because what we’re really talking about is applying some much-needed first aid to the economy,” he notes.

For example, it now works with Nielsen’s esports team on brand lift studies and does brand equity studies in partnership with Twitch.

Taylor said its educational TV advertising and the use of additional in-store navigational and educational signage helped deliver “an immediate lift” to its homecare category.

While all publishers have seen traffic hikes, not all have benefited from corresponding ad revenue lifts, which have been thwarted by overwrought keyword blocking and direct ad deals on hiatus.

While that lift might be predictable, what sports franchises and publishers did during the coronavirus lockdown likely helped keep fans on their viewing rosters.

Also organic channels and organic sales—a big lift there too as consumers have been able to figure out exactly where they want to spend and are thinking about spending outside of essential products.

She walked away toward another door, which was masked with a curtain that she lifted.

She looked up in his face, leaning on his arm beneath the encircling shadow of the umbrella which he had lifted.

The little pig in the box felt himself being lifted out of the wagon.