Lifter [noun]

Definition of Lifter:

person who steals

Opposite/Antonyms of Lifter:



Sentence/Example of Lifter:

The curbed combo blade allows it to act as both a pusher or lifter and the extra-large D-Grip handle keeps hands comfortable and secure.

The lineup's biggest lifters are the Ryzen 9 5980HX and 5980HS.

On account of the boiling water, the jars should be handled with a jar lifter, as in Fig. 14.

One should have a plate lifter, or use rubber finger-tips when handling the plates with this solution.

Transfer to a glass capsule containing the selected staining fluid, by means of a section lifter.

The stove lifter, the match box and all the other objects watched him with interest as he strutted back and forth.

The stove lifter lay upon his iron side and looked across the top of the shelf which stood above the stove.

This seemed a piece of glorious luck, and all rushed in like wolves lifter a wounded animal.

The burly bulk of a lifter was moving back and forth in the gloom of the ancient warehouse stacking crates in ceiling-high rows.

The lifter put his fingertips against Jon's ear pick-ups and lowered his voice to the merest shadow of a whisper.