Lifting [verb]

Definition of Lifting:

move upwards; ascend

Synonyms of Lifting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lifting:

Sentence/Example of Lifting:

And lifting them carefully one off the other, he took out a deal box that had stood in the lowest stratum.

Bruno smelled Jack, gave a short yelp and, lifting one of his paws, offered it to him.

On lifting the fingers in successive order from the bottom end, we get the seven notes of the major scale.

There were twelve horses on this pit before, lifting 80 tons of coal in the course of the twenty-four hours.

I expect one will be put to work next week at Wheal Abraham, for lifting water.

He moved toward the door, without lifting his eyes again to Jesss face.

The result is ten strokes per minute, 6-feet stroke, with half a bushel of coal per hour, lifting six thousand pounds weight.

Then, lifting its head and muzzle to the sky, it opened its long jaws and gave vent to a dismal and prolonged howling.

Five of the crew manned the winch; the mate and Jerry went to a block-tackle which was also connected with the lifting apparatus.

"Potted tongue," she exclaimed, dodging round the table, and lifting various covers.