Lifts [noun]

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There are many more, but these items are relatively simple and if businesses did them, they would see a near-term lift in visibility and conversions.

It offers 13 inches of vertical lift, 360 degrees of rotation and 75 degrees of tilt, which allow it to be flexible in a variety of workspace conditions including sit-and-stand desks and creative studios.

Though electric forces alone are not enough to explain dust lift on Mars, the forces “are critical in the dust-­lifting process and should be taken into account,” says Germán Martínez of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.

However, some brands are seeing revenue lift in large part due to added virtual events, including Teen Vogue and its Teen Vogue Prom franchise that took place this spring.

That generates lift — upward force that helps an object stay in the air.

These flights are mainly to show that the copter can get enough lift in the thin Martian atmosphere.

Having your FAQs in the featured snippets on Google can generate a huge lift in organic traffic.

The hopes of a man that is void of understanding are vain and deceitful: and dreams lift up fools.

Lift up thy hand over the strange nations, that they may see thy power.

Though, as everybody well knew, the doctor had forbidden her to lift so much as a pin!