Lighter [adjective]

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If you are a side sleeper, you might want to consider getting a lighter blanket, slightly under 10% of your body weight, because the weight of the blanket cannot be evenly spread.

You can also easily purchase additional lighter fuel when you need to refill.

The lighter the materials used, the less fatigue you will feel.

Mighty Building’s use of 3D printing, advanced manufacturing techniques, modern robotics and “new lighter and stronger materials” gives it an edge, he added.

They’re classified in part by the complexity of their carbon chains—the fewer carbon molecules linked together, the lighter the product.

The American model tracks the storm just a little further east, bringing a lighter precipitation intensity.

The main beauty of them is that they require a lighter touch than other kinds of keyboards, so your typing will be more effortless and comfortable, regardless of how much or what kind of noise it makes.

However, since there is still uncertainty of how quickly and where the coastal low will start strengthening, we still can’t rule out a narrow stronger band forming somewhere within the broader area of lighter snow.

Currently we’re seeing alternating bands of heavier and lighter snow.

A lighter meal comes by way of a little raft of bread spread with crumbled lamb, red with minced tomatoes and red bell peppers, which a kindly staff member gifted me when she thought my order took too long one day.