Lighthearted [adjective]

Definition of Lighthearted:

carefree, untroubled

Synonyms of Lighthearted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lighthearted:

Sentence/Example of Lighthearted:

In years past they might have been more fun and lighthearted, but right now there’s more of a priority on the need to support each other.

It is not enough to-day to paint the gay impropriety of models and the devil-may-care penury of lighthearted artists.

There was danger even then of being inveigled; but Marie was young, lighthearted, undaunted, and fond of a joke.

Here and there the dwarfs murmured an obsequious greeting to Miellyn, and she made some lighthearted answer.

When you saw that girl first she was as lighthearted and contented with her lot as any human being could be.

Her high spirits were infectious—her lighthearted gaiety communicated itself to everybody.

There was much laughter and lighthearted gaiety about him, as was natural on such a luxury liner.

It was so dark they could see each other but dimly, and the darkness and quietness made them anything but lighthearted.

"You must go on till you meet one more lighthearted than myself," answered the other, with a sigh.

There was nothing superficial or lighthearted, however, about the Christianity of their leader.