Lighthouse [noun]

Definition of Lighthouse:

luminescence from sun or other source

Synonyms of Lighthouse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lighthouse:

Sentence/Example of Lighthouse:

Now they are modifying the sensor to act somewhat like an underwater lighthouse.

Using the notion of a lighthouse as a metaphor, Google Lighthouse steers developers away from the rocks by shining light at issues it discovers on an asset-by-asset basis.

There is a lighthouse at its southern entrance, and pilots are established who come off to vessels that arrive.

In 1815, a tiny, gentle baby girl was born in the little lighthouse home, who presently received the name of Grace Horsley.

The modern form of lighthouse, with glass or metal reflectors, dates but from 1758, when the first Eddystone lighthouse was built.

The lighthouse, formerly one of the wonders of the world, has also ceased to exist.

Walked out to the lighthouse in the evening and watched the shells bursting over Gully Beach where we were yesterday.

Some six miles ahead on the course lay a group of small islands, on one of which was erected a lighthouse.

If he had thrown the lighthouse into the bargain, I think he would have summed up all its attractive features.

When we got under the lee of the lighthouse, the keeper came stalking down the rocks to meet us.