Lighting [noun]

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Avoiding conflict around the work environmentEmployees have become used to controlling the temperature of their room, their lighting and noise levels while working at home.

Unfortunately, matching the lighting when you’re compositing different images together is a skill that takes time to master.

Once you drive with effective lighting, you’ll never go without it again.

Most indoor lighting maintains an intensity between 50 and 500 lux.

They integrate or are compatible with other smart devices or apps, and they allow you to better adjust your lighting to your lifestyle and preference.

I couldn’t help but note how much better it looked with HDR lighting so I started the game over on the Xbox.

However, with so many hours spent indoors and under artificial lighting it’s easy to fall out of rhythm and into the cycle of insomnia.

Now, thanks to game engines like Unreal and Unity — which take care of the physics, motions, lighting, and essentially create the framework for 3D — these creations take days instead of months.

You don’t need to be a YouTube or Instagram influencer to invest in a lighting set up that makes you look amazing—especially when it’s this simple.

Movies, TV shows, video games or environments that feature sequences of flashing lighting have been known to trigger seizures for those with epilepsy, which can be lethal.