Lightless [adjective]

Definition of Lightless:

cloudy, shadowy

Synonyms of Lightless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lightless:

Sentence/Example of Lightless:

As we drew further and further into that lightless land, little twists and curls of vapour wriggled over the black river-surface.

Through the lightless porthole he listened for the terrifying shout, "Man overboard!"

She quickly closed the door behind her and sped off down the line of now lightless cabins.

These underground kitchens must eventually die out, and our children will wonder why we used such airless, lightless places.

I suppose everyone at some time has imagined himself irrevocably imprisoned, cast into some lightless dungeon and left to die.

To wander far in these lightless passages would be to track death.

The village to the right is lightless and still; away to the left, towards the cemetery, a pale mist broods over the fields.

Certain of these little insects have also become so accustomed to this lightless life that they have lost their eyes.

That of Veronese would look ghostly beside it; that of Titian lightless.

For a moment the old man fixed Godefroid with his large, weary, lightless eyes; then he pointed with one finger to the ground.