Liked [adjective]

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They insulate heat and have extra padding on the heels and the tips to make the hardest hiking shoes feel like sturdy slippers.

Another 1 in 6 said it was because they do not like insects.

JoyRun’s service is a bit of twist on more standard delivery apps like Seamless and Uber Eats.

There were definite setback moments, including two painful season 10 character deaths, a spinoff pilot attempt that no one liked, and another spinoff pilot attempt that everyone did like — but which still failed to win a series pickup.

The PlayStation 3 cult hit was nothing like I’d ever played before.

Some companies have lobbied to have their names removed from the bill, these people say, because it calls out specific brands like Patagonia, Coca-Cola and Costco, for allegedly using forced labor from the region.

In this scenario, the hubs would be in cities that are not located in high-risk environments and teams would play a baseball-like schedule.

The group and others like it became an important part of her daily life and recovery.

The Nationals have made him a full-time first baseman, though Scialabba likes that Mendoza could moonlight at third in a pinch.

The thing that I like is most of his career you play against guys who are older than you.