Likely [adjective]

Definition of Likely:

probable, apt, hopeful

Opposite/Antonyms of Likely:

Sentence/Example of Likely:

A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday showed Graham and Harrison each winning the backing of 48 percent of likely voters in the state.

If it’s good enough for likely half the cantinas in Mexico, it’s good enough for your Netflix party.

Sara Gideon, the Democratic speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, leads Collins, 54 percent to 42 percent, among likely voters in the Quinnipiac University poll, which was released Wednesday.

Most likely that would be in the form of passage of the Equality Act.

Perhaps most notably, a poll released on Tuesday by Monmouth University found Biden up by 3 to 5 points among likely voters, depending on turnout.

Not every city can spend $100 billion on a sea wall, as New York most likely will.

The brands who execute this strategy best are more likely to stand apart from their competitors.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve been in your home or job for more than a few years, you’ve also likely had the same habits and routine for more than a few years.

Craig Federighi, 51, is the youngest member of Apple’s executive team and is likely to remain in his role for several more years.

But it is no use digging here; it was full five-and-twenty miles from here the likely-looking place.