Likened [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Likened:

Kevin Bau, a computer science teacher at BB&N who serves as team adviser, likens Katie to a “field general” and said she transformed the RoboKnights.

Zachary Lippman, a professor of genetics at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, likens the situation to an arms race—only this time around we are competing against ourselves.

He likened it to the risks of flying, in which being in a well-ventilated airplane with a mask on doesn’t seem to be a high-risk activity — but sitting around a crowded airport is.

Jenkins likened the early DHS relationship with states then as akin to exchanging business cards in the middle of a crisis when the two sides had no reason to trust each other.

Google likened its agreements to be a default search engine with companies like Apple to Coca-Cola buying prime shelf space at grocery store checkout counters.

They agree that they heard no warning from federal agents, and saw no flashing lights that indicated the arrival of law enforcement, just a fusillade that one neighbor likened to a scene out of the video game Call of Duty.

One agency executive likened Discovery’s initial ad sales strategy as “another Peacock,” referring to NBCUniversal’s move to secure 10 launch sponsors for Peacock’s debut.

Instead, one engineer who reviewed the two reports on behalf of ProPublica and The Texas Tribune likened Fisher’s fence to a used Toyota Yaris.

Siegele likened it to the argument San Diego is having right now with SDG&E over the growing cost of its joint program to bury electric wires underground.

While its exterior has been likened to that of a Costco, its interior is what will matter.