Likens [verb]

Definition of Likens:


Opposite/Antonyms of Likens:

Sentence/Example of Likens:

Because epidemiological models make statements about the future, it’s tempting to liken them to weather forecasts — but it’s also deeply wrong.

A third media executive likened the platforms’ aggregated inventory to sausage.

Washington Post reporter Ann Gerhart likened it to “the Bataan Death March set to music.”

Earlier in this column, I likened getting the vaccine to a winning lottery ticket.

It is no coincidence that the psychologist Jean Piaget, whose trailblazing research helped us understand how children develop, likened dreaming to play.

In an interview earlier this year, venture capitalist Ian Sigalow, who invested on behalf of Greycroft, likened Public to Venmo—a network that grew exponentially thanks to its social media attributes.

The authors liken the approach to training people in how to play soccer.

It would be in vain to seek for any object more intrinsically inconsiderable with which to liken a condition of indifference.

To liken a thing to something already known is a vivid way of explaining.

It is over forty feet high, and is fronted in such a peculiar fashion, I could only liken it to some heathen temple.