Lilacs [noun]

Definition of Lilacs:

blue and red colors mixed together

Synonyms of Lilacs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lilacs:


Sentence/Example of Lilacs:

She arose and brushed her hands against each other, moving towards the opening in the lilacs.

But I could smell the lilacs she had left, and the scent of them seemed like the wraith of her presence in the sunny room.

In this yard were lilacs of a large growth, roses of various kinds, and flowering almonds.

The backs of the gigs were sheltered from the road by a hedge of lilacs, and over the gateway a gigantic elm kept watch and ward.

Lilacs and snowballs bloomed, and Professor Kelton went serenely about among his roses.

Its front yard was fragrant with lilacs, noisy with crickets, fluttering with butterflies of sulphur yellow.

The blossoms of lilacs, May lilies, daphnes, and melilots mingled their various hues in the thickets.

And the little lilacs she had planted—they were tall bushes now.

Bettina, who was making a tiny white nosegay of lilacs to pin on Anthony's coat, turned to them a sparkling countenance.

American-beauty roses may be a luxury, and white lilacs in the dead of winter, but garden flowers, never!