Lilting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lilting:

The young Englishman's hair, pale in color and very smooth, was worn longer than the fashion, the ends lilting.

And at the merry lilting of it Bibbs's father's son took heart to forget some of his trepidation.

Suddenly the melody changed to a glad little lilting measure, as sweet as love itself.

Then she strode on with a lilting joy, humming a song and putting her horse to his paces to keep up with her.

As she spoke the doors at the end of the dancing-hall opened, and the musicians in the gallery began to play a lilting strain.

But with my lilting love-song I won him, he-siren that I am.

I had spoken a jargon to the girl, but he addressed me in the lilting, sing-song speech of Shainsa.

Of a sudden, she became aware of the blending perfumes of the wild flowers and the lilting of an amorous thrush in the wood.

He took it from her, murmured a few words of thanks, and then fled, with the lilting step of the clerk.

The uncouth doggrel, recited in a lilting sort of measure, the peculiar and various pleasures of a canter upon a pine rail.