Lilts [noun]

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This Caribbeanized stew, unapologetic for its island lilt, uses fewer ingredients and comes together quickly, while still embodying a striking sense of place.

It was a native melody, but it had the strange, monotonous lilt of Tony's old-Egyptian melody.

At the lilt in her voice Mollie, at her end of the wire, sat up and stared inquiringly into the black mouth of the telephone.

"Better than that," answered Betty with the same lilt to her voice that the girls had heard over the telephone.

Notice, however, that the beat is quite regular, and the lines lilt along as if there were no change.

These were the nights when "curtains" hung festooned in the heavens, alive, rippling, dancing to the lilt of lightning music.

The lilt of a lark hanging above the swale beside them was not sweeter than the sweetness of his voice.

The ragged dress did not hide the gentle curves of her body, nor did the tear-streaked grime spoil the lilt of her face.

"Methinks I have some remembrance of the lilt," remarked the gleeman, running his fingers over the strings.

There had been a lilt of gaiety in trying on the bridal robe for the rehearsals and the posings before the camera.