Limbo [noun]

Definition of Limbo:

state of uncertainty

Synonyms of Limbo:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limbo:

Sentence/Example of Limbo:

Having been at home in the months since then, my classmates and I have entered a period of extreme limbo.

Washington Nationals outfielder Juan Soto, one of the league’s young stars, tested positive for coronavirus hours before the team’s opening game on July 23, and his status for the season remains in limbo.

When it comes to link building, receiving a nofollow backlink can be a bummer, as your rankings are left in a state of limbo.

The pandemic has left many migrants in limbo, unable to come into the United States and unable to make a living in Tijuana.

For many years, Haitian migrants have been stuck in limbo in Tijuana.

We're stationed out here in this limbo to watch Saturn and report any activity we see coming from there.

The chamberlain, with an ineffable gesture, wafted the taxi-cab away into some limbo appointed for waiting vehicles.

He took me up to my own room, and I heard him going out to wake Limbo to harness, and at last heard him driving away in our coach.

Let the cult of that lusty Titan, the Limpet, sink awhile into the limbo of outworn idolatries.

One day there came a letter, and I learned that, in a commercial crash at home, my income and my expectations had gone to limbo.