Limed [verb]

Definition of Limed:

make ready to bear, produce

Synonyms of Limed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limed:

Sentence/Example of Limed:

In rural and Indigenous parts of the country, you can still find ancient, sweetened drinks like pinolillo and tiste, made from cornmeal or rice and cacao, as well as agua de sapo, a refreshing concoction made from ginger, panela, and lime.

Unlike lime or lemon, oranges are sweet enough that you can include ample portions of the fruit itself, too.

Consequently, there is a lime line in the bowl that won't go away.

Just as in chelation therapy—which doctors use to eliminate heavy metals from the bloodstream in patients suffering from metal poisoning—citric acid binds to calcium and lime, which are abundant in hard water.

First, soda lime sand and recycled glass is heated at the end of a pipe in her furnace, lovingly named “Fernita.”

His prepared potatoes are dressed with crème fraîche, maple syrup, lime juice, and fish sauce, and then tossed with roasted peanuts.

There, you’ll find the better-known Fuego, Original, and Nitro Takis flavors, as well as more than a dozen others, including Titan, Crunchy Fajita, and cucumber, lime, and habanero-flavored Zombie.

So, so, the birds are limed:—Heaven grant that we do not soon see them stowed in separate cages.

The bodies of these malefactors are not allowed ordinary burial, but quick-limed, I believe.

The fat beccaficoes beloved of the epicurean fell by hundreds into the limed horsehair traps.