Limestone [noun]

Definition of Limestone:

rock formed from sediment

Synonyms of Limestone:

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Sentence/Example of Limestone:

My wife and I stood on the deck and watched the limestone cliffs rise above the muddy Ohio while a Marathon Petroleum barge vanished in the offing.

The bedrock beneath the Robertson Glacier in Alberta, Canada contains limestone, shale, and sandstone.

There, marine life converts the materials into shells and skeletons that eventually turn into limestone and other rock types.

There are such caves in the Taurus Mountains, just a couple of days’ journey to the south, and pieces of stalactite and limestones from these caves have been found in the Çatalhöyük houses.

For instance, the Limestone Polypody is not happy unless there is a certain amount of lime present in the soil.

The train had long passed Hornberg, and far below the streams tumbled in white foam down the limestone rocks.

A band of limestone also occurs at Templeton containing masses of a light-coloured translucent serpentine.

An abundance of limestone makes the soil exceptionally fertile and productive.

We were now in the "limestone country," and the roads are exceedingly dusty in dry weather.

Limestone Creek, about 140 miles in the interior, west of Port Jackson.