Limitations [noun]

Definition of Limitations:

restraint, disadvantage

Synonyms of Limitations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limitations:

Sentence/Example of Limitations:

For example, there is a vast discussion afoot upon the questions that centre upon Property, its rights and its limitations.

In some states he becomes the heir of the adopted parent like a natural child, with some limitations.

A claim barred by the statute of limitations is not provable, nor is a contingent liability.

Their rights and limitations in this regard are also bounded by charter, by-laws and usage.

But you must be prepared to accept the limitations of man and his work, said the philosophical violinist.

Two wide-reaching limitations of the principle of tolerance intervened to close the gate against other Nonconformists than these.

The peculiar qualities and limitations of Mistral are possibly nowhere better evidenced than in this play.

We have a very conservative, fastidious, and sophisticated constituency; and this is one of the limitations by which we are bound.

Successive presidents repeated Mr. Chamberlain's suggestions, with no more limitations than he had laid down.

But I cannot take myself seriously as an artist; the limitations are so obvious.