Limiting [verb]

Definition of Limiting:

confine, restrict

Synonyms of Limiting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limiting:

Sentence/Example of Limiting:

It has as yet suffered no loss and is able to restrict its loss to a minimum by limiting the loan to a particular figure.

And on the third reading of the bill, the Duke of Richmond proposed limiting the bill to seven of the largest towns.

Except when the limiting stresses are of opposite sign, the two tables agree very well.

The bones of the skull are likely to be thicker and heavier than usual, thus also limiting the cranial capacity.

The French women now appear in simple attire and are limiting their shopping to the few things they need.

On the selection of this limiting word depends the accuracy of the definition.

In the year 1819 an act of Parliament was proposed limiting the labor of children nine years of age to four-teen hours a day.

I do not wish to say it is, for it would seem then that one was limiting to a given scale the grandeur of the tropical tree.

We must stop limiting our talks to theorizing in clubs and societies.

The plan of limiting housework to eight hours a day is not an idle theory; it has been in successful operation for several years.