Limits [noun]

Definition of Limits:

greatest extent

Opposite/Antonyms of Limits:

Sentence/Example of Limits:

I went out, and found a Mont de Piet, just beyond the limits of the Principality; they aren't allowed inside.

And it is quite true that the particular employer can no more break away from these limits than he can jump out of his own skin.

Champlain limits this appellation to the tribes that dwell upon the Ottawa.

First of all comes astronomy, including the phenomena exhibited in the heavens, beyond the limits of the earth's atmosphere.

With the telescope somewhere near a hundred million are brought within the limits of vision.

Of course in the limits of a note to a work like the present it is impossible to discuss so large a question.

It is well in answering a letter of invitation, to state the limits of your visit, and then to keep them.

We shall therefore now turn to a description of the portion of the starry world which is found in the limits of our solar system.

Also, ownership of vast limits of growing spruce was necessary to the control of the valley.

It was thronged with motorists who generally dashed along in sublime disregard of the speed limits.