Limned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Limned:

Between each group of figures the face of the rock was scored with mysterious signs and rudely limned weapons of war and chase.

One moment he was limned in the glow of the flashlight, then gunfire made a blasting hell of that fourth floor.

His light flashed out at the motor, riding perched on its swivel, limned against cold, hard points of light that were the stars.

There was no need now to map out a course of action; he had limned that in the main before leaving Newport.

There was no suggestion of a body, only that majestic head crowned with hyacinthine locks and limned in lambent fire.

That was limned upon his brain in startlingly perfect detail still––that and one other thing.

There is the hero, Warmoth, the villain, whose protraiture has been limned by a masterly hand.

At one end of the arena loomed a twelve-foot statue of a bloated Term, limned in a soft pale glow.

Each problem is bathed in an artistic atmosphere, and each character in the picture limned with the most subtle psychology.

Every feature of the old captains face was limned with grief.