Limning [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Limning:

I fear it is not possible to limn so many persons in so small a tablet as the compass of our plays afford.

Just as the old religious painters used to limn saints and Madonnas, let us now write works of artistic and moral fiction.

As I have sketched an ideal parlour, so would I limn a bedroom I have seen.

No, madam; the beauty of the features the artist had set himself to limn.

It is not possible in a chapter, a book or a five-foot shelf to limn all that is even of cursory interest.

Somehow the arches and curves of its branches seemed to limn a pattern so dreadful that his heart beat faster as he gazed upon it.

A specimen from 53 kilometers north of El Limn, was shot at a height of 10 feet on a concrete underpass.

A female obtained on January 21 at a place 53 kilometers north of El Limn, contained three embryos.

There were no longer these telling situations to limn which spoke for themselves, and without straw, bricks are not to be made.

Limn thou, fantastic, free Blue sirens of the sea, And beasts of heraldry.