Limped [verb]

Definition of Limped:

walk with faltering step

Synonyms of Limped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limped:


Sentence/Example of Limped:

Outside editors limped toward the light of January with a mixture of hope and exhaustion.

This season, he has been visibly hampered by several injuries, including an adductor strain, and he has limped off the field with help from a trainer more than once.

You stepped back onto the path and almost collapsed on your cramped legs, limped forward 10 feet and found that your path joined with another small trail, the one they had taken.

Over the next couple of days, she became less alert and went limp.

He had grabbed his knee after being hit by two Dallas Cowboys defenders and was limping noticeably thereafter.

Scattergood arose ponderously and limped out into the middle of the dusty road.

The old Englishman was very brave, for he limped forward and managed to gather up the children, one under each arm.

One man of the 30th was the first; he limped along with his foot dangling from the ankle, supporting himself on his firelock.

Ketira brushed against me as she passed, taking no notice whatever; left the garden, and limped away.

After lying for a little while at his feet, licking the poor wounded paw, the lion got up and limped out of the cave.