Limpidity [noun]

Definition of Limpidity:


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Sentence/Example of Limpidity:

There was a clarity and limpidity about her trills and runs which surprised and delighted.

That of the king of France, called the Regent or Pitt diamond, remarkable for its form and its perfect limpidity.

“Yes,” said the doctor thoughtfully, as he stood trying to pierce the soft transparent limpidity of the coming night.

The limpidity of her blue eye and a flickering dimple added much to the quaint comprehensiveness of her answer.

Not only was his fidelity absolute, but there is a certain mysterious limpidity of gaze that reveals the soul of the sitter.

The necessity of ridding the wine of the deposit which deprived it of its limpidity was, however, recognised later on.

He maintained that one would thus obtain a wine of far greater limpidity.

He enjoyed the limpidity and the irony, but the sustained roll of Gibbon's antitheses vexed him a little.

Young and kindly spring who clothes our garden with beauty makes lucid our voices and words, and steeps them in his limpidity.

Thus the beer loses not merely its agreeable flavour and limpidity, but is apt to spoil from the slightest causes.