Limping [verb]

Definition of Limping:

walk with faltering step

Synonyms of Limping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limping:


Sentence/Example of Limping:

Shortly after she came to her lesson limping, and remarked that she felt very uncomfortable.

So they went down again, he limping, she skipping almost like a girl, but with a division of thought which saddened both.

At every step she took, her golden curls bobbed against her cheek, and so limping she sat down on a bank by the roadside.

The fire was a good blaze before he entered, limping dismally into the kitchen.

The sight of the children limping stuck in his eyes; the groans of such as dressed their ulcers haunted him.

Limping a little on account of the bruised knee, Sam followed his brother down the road.

David forgot for the time that he was crippled as he ran limping over the road.

The last man left with a swollen jaw and limping on one leg.

She broke off at the sound of a limping footstep in the hall.

She felt as awkward as a limping grasshopper in a crowd of butterflies.