Limps [adjective]

Definition of Limps:

not stiff; weak

Synonyms of Limps:

Opposite/Antonyms of Limps:

Sentence/Example of Limps:

Sometimes you just need a contraption that will quickly turn limp pieces of bread into crunchy, warm slices of perfection.

Last week, he was limping noticeably after a hit by the Steelers.

Let the cabbage sit like this until limp and pliable, 30 minutes.

Except they often have a slight limp on the other side of their body from where their hemisphere was removed.

I’ve plunged several limp inflatable mats into my bathtub in search of streams of tiny bubbles, slapped synthetic patches over the holes, and yet still woken up in the middle of the night on my next trip with a rock jabbing me in the kidney.

His head fell back limp on MacRae's arm, and the rest of the message went with the game old Dutchman across the big divide.

She had been walking alone with her arms hanging limp, letting her white skirts trail along the dewy path.

Very hot; very limp with the prevalent disease but greatly cheered up by the news of yesterday evening's battle at Helles.

Before we were entirely out of the crush of the city, the engine began to limp and shortly came to a stop.

The rider seemed as weak as the horse, for he swayed in the saddle as he rode, and the bridle reins hung limp in his hands.