Lineal [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Lineal:

Three generations ago one of the cadets settled in Nice, and his lineal descendant is the present General Garibaldi.

The current idea of the time was that lineal descent from Abraham determined who belonged to the house of Israel and who did not.

There has been a lineal succession of teachers of singing, from the earlier decades of the eighteenth century down to the present.

It is designed to be handed down in lineal descent, from generation to generation—to be preserved as a family Memorial.

Well, instead of a lady, I see a fellow—he may have been a lineal descendant of Cedric the Saxon.

She was said to be a lineal descendant of the brother of the great hero of Scotland, William Wallace.

His position is necessarily in the lineal line, and that line is vertical.

No; and they are the lineal ancestors of the neighbors we shall have presently.

Many assert that the Trasteverini are the only lineal descendants of the Romans.

Remember—she is the lineal descendant of the House of Stuart!