Lingered [verb]

Definition of Lingered:

loiter, delay

Synonyms of Lingered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lingered:

Sentence/Example of Lingered:

Express forecastForecast in detailThe worst of the rain ends this morning, but drizzle and fog linger into Friday morning.

Fog is possible early, possibly lingering a bit longer in some areas, before sunshine becomes dominant as highs range from 70 to 75.

It’s a “Jets and Sharks” moment where alliances will forge and sometimes linger forever.

A refreshing touch of acidity on the finish creates a lovely breadth and lingering flavors.

The Fed has also come under increased pressure to widen the reach of its own emergency lending programs and to consider new ways it can fill the economy’s lingering gaps.

She packed up the robotics field and took a last walk through the building, lingering in the quiet room where she’d spent so much time working.

That’s because post-election uncertainty and lingering political division could put a damper on consumer spending.

However, what makes this election especially different for Miller is the lingering effects of Hurricane Zeta that are still being felt in the area.

What legislators got was some lingering confusion about the rules and whether they can be enforced.

The tiniest of these droplets, known as aerosols, can linger in the air for hours.