Lingeringly [adverb]

Definition of Lingeringly:

casually, unhurriedly

Synonyms of Lingeringly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lingeringly:

Sentence/Example of Lingeringly:

At last he turned his face towards the window, and, not looking at me, said lingeringly: "This is a pleasant place."

Then with a gracious gesture, lingeringly and with the misty eyes of loving womanhood, she said her lonely farewells.

Lingeringly and lovingly the Highlander drew out the last strain, and silently gave the minister his instrument.

The marquis lingeringly finishes the sentence he is reading, and then lays the book face down upon the bed beside him.

We hear the whisperings and the sweet vows of eternal love as they lingeringly part forever.

She had watched them from the vicarage come down the fell together, had seen cross the stepping stones, lingeringly, hand in hand.

Percival had got the nosegay, and seemed willing to detain it; for he bent his face lingeringly over the flowers.

He held her hand lingeringly in parting, but I gave him no chance to speak.

And she bent and kissed him, lingeringly, on the back of his neck.

"Buck up, old girl," he whispered, and kissed her lingeringly.