Linguistics [noun]

Definition of Linguistics:

language rules

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Sentence/Example of Linguistics:

Rather than studying linguistics, these NLP algorithms learn through a vast corpus of text, arranged in words, short phrases, sentences, and paragraphs.

A few years ago, David Adger was in his office at Queen Mary University of London, where he is a professor of linguistics, when the phone rang.

GTCOM has established partnerships with linguistics researchers worldwide.

It becomes the end with linguistics the means, and this is the true relation between them.

Our needs lie in the direction of the natural sciences rather than in the direction of history and linguistics.

“Phonetic laws” make up a large and fundamental share of the subject-matter of linguistics.

Had not a "universal religion" better let linguistics alone?

Knowing of Bayne's hobby for linguistics, the oculist jocularly turned these archaic curios over to him.

The Alaguilac language of Guatemala, long a puzzle to linguistics, is shown in to be an isolated dialect of the Nahuatl.

The life-work of that eminent antiquary, the late Mr. Lewis H. Morgan, was based entirely on linguistics.