Linked [adjective]

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At the head of the column marched the Emperor with one arm linked to Lannes and the other to Duroc.

Phobetora may have been altered into Pastora: Icelonpastora (the two names linked together) would give Eclympasteyre.'

Step by step in the earlier years of the century the ties which linked them with the English Church were broken.

But at a period more piously illiterate, things of this shadowy nature were linked very closely to objects of a material kind.

He loved to trace her name linked with his own, and then to obliterate it again, in case anyone would see it.

For if there is one God, there is one brotherhood, and all humanity can only be linked to that God by brotherly love.

In marrying Mrs. Jackson Owen's niece Bassett had linked himself to the richest woman at the state capital.

She linked an arm in Ellen's, and falling at once into her part of sober age, paced with her from the hall.

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Leonore had gone ahead with the mother's arm linked in hers, for she was very anxious to deliver her message.