Links [noun]

Definition of Links:

component, connection

Synonyms of Links:

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Sentence/Example of Links:

Marie looked down over the golf links, as the car swung around the long curve at the head of the slope.

On the abutment towers the chains are connected by horizontal links, carried on rockers, to anchor ties.

There are three chains on each side, of one and two links alternately, and these support wrought iron stiffening girders.

Another wire rope with a travelling carriage took out the links.

The middle girders are 120 ft. in length and attached to the cantilevers by links.

The links at Knocke, if somewhat rough and ready, are certainly sporting in the highest degree.

But seest thou these links of the bleached bone carved with these secret symbols?

Would the Perfect One make a broken circle, a chain with missing links, a desire without its gratification?

Instead of only two links, as in these instances, we may suppose chains of any length.

There flash into my mind links and links of thoughts until I have a chain leading to—where?