Linoleum [noun]

Definition of Linoleum:

floor covering

Synonyms of Linoleum:

Opposite/Antonyms of Linoleum:


Sentence/Example of Linoleum:

Out upon the linoleum 29 rolled the glistening coinsseveral of them gold piecesthat Jess had noted so greedily in the egg store.

The floor should be either of hard wood treated with "dustless oil" or of cork linoleum.

Among these black-jacketed waiters, armed with long mops, were scrubbing the linoleum-covered floor.

When the linoleum backing is finished at the calender, both cloth and centre are forwarded direct to the linoleum works.

Ted stared at her for a moment, and then began tracing what remained of the pattern in the linoleum with his walking stick.

I have also a few yards of Queen Anne linoleum of a circular pattern which I think will please you.

The animal left the cabin, and he heard its hoofs pattering on the linoleum.

Linoleum is easily cared for and with reasonable usage lasts well.

When linoleum begins to show wear a coat of spar-varnish or carriage varnish will restore it satisfactorily.

The second year is devoted to making advanced designs for oil-cloth, linoleum, silk, and carpets.