Lintel [noun]

Definition of Lintel:

length of material used as support

Synonyms of Lintel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lintel:


Sentence/Example of Lintel:

The height of the tablinum at the lintel should be one eighth more than its width.

The height of the lintel should be equivalent to the width of the jambs at the top.

She leaned on the doorway with her forehead against the lintel.

The granite lintel that had crushed the body of the old captains son had fallen also upon the captains heart.

Then, "when I see the—blood—on the—lintel—and on the two—side-posts—I will not go in and—kill the first-born!"

Because the pointed arch was sacred, he would not despise the humble office of the lintel.

We enter by a door about five feet high, invariably knocking our heads against the lintel and swearing as we do so.

No stream boasted so deep and decisive a blue lintel as did Benser Tief; none penetrated so far into the Hinterland.

A strange man stood against the lintel—seeing her, he opened his eyes very wide and smiled delightfully.

Breakfast over, he beckoned me to the door and jerked his thumb towards the lintel.