Lips [noun]

Definition of Lips:

edge, brink

Synonyms of Lips:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lips:

Sentence/Example of Lips:

Before Ripperda could unclasp his lips to reply, the stranger had opened the door, and passed through it like a gliding shadow.

The mother's lips could not finish the charge she was about to put upon her innocent child.

He leant against the wall of his refuge, notwithstanding this boast, and licked the ice to moisten his parched lips.

The Senora Moreno's heart broke within her, when those words passed her lips to her adored Felipe.

A sob rose in her throat, and broke from her lips transformed into a trembling, sharp, glad cry.

"Garnache," came the other's crisp, metallic voice, and the name had a sound as of an oath on his lips.

The Alcalde remained kneeling for a short time by the side of the corpse, his lips moving in prayer.

Her white face looked ethereal in the moonlight, and her bloodless lips were quivering with returning life.

And now I can recall that his eyes closed, and from his lips I caught a sigh, and then he rolled to the floor.

Her eyes were blazing with triumph, yet her lips curved with contempt at the attitude of her trembling father.