Liquefies [verb]

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Liquefy a tube of nutrient gelatine (or agar, or other similar medium), by heating in a water-bath (Fig. 121).

Liquefy three tubes of nutrient agar—nutrose agar or the like.

Liquefy a tube of gelatine (or agar) by heat, pour it into a Petri dish, and allow it to solidify.

Liquefy eight tubes of gelatine-agar and place them in the water-bath at 42° C, and cool down to that temperature.

Rub the solids in a mortar until they liquefy, then add the oil of peppermint.

Expectorants are drugs used to increase and liquefy the secretion in the lungs and air-passages.

But what then is the blood of a St. Januarius, which you liquefy every year by bringing it near his head?

Will the worms accept these viands and, above all, can they manage to liquefy them, which is the first and foremost condition?

The value of chemist's pepsin is estimated by the quantity of hard-boiled white of egg which a gram of that agent can liquefy.

Moreover, certain mushrooms, the coprini, liquefy spontaneously and turn into a black fluid.