Liquidation [noun]

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The company said it will hold liquidation sales at all of its stores, as well as on its website, as it tries to clear out leftover inventory.

He also notes the economic benefits of salvaging businesses that would otherwise face liquidation, saying Simon was helping save 4,000 jobs at Brooks Brothers.

If they are destroyed by fire, the mortgagor cannot claim to have the insurance applied in liquidation of the mortgage debt.

You promise social liquidation, the revision of property and of public fortune and their better division.

One of the most shameful features in the French Government's war on the Church was the affair of liquidation.

While M. Combes would cast the blame on the liquidators, M. Briand fixed it on the method of liquidation.

The balance shall be reckoned toward liquidation of the amounts due for reparation.

The proceeds of liquidation of enemy property, rights, and interests mentioned in Section IV.

Sometimes it was a loan, sometimes a liquidation, or a settlement of dividends, which devolved upon him.

If you have already formed such a partnership, dissolve it at once and go into liquidation.