Liquors [noun]

Definition of Liquors:

drink; alcoholic beverage

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Sentence/Example of Liquors:

Stitzel works with samples of cocoa liquor — cocoa beans that have been fermented, dried, roasted and ground into a paste — from across the globe.

In unpublished work, she was able to use an elemental analysis to accurately link cocoa liquor to its country of origin about 97 percent of the time.

Stitzel recently identified concentrations of organic compounds in cocoa liquor from Vietnam, Indonesia, Honduras, Ecuador and Mexico.

The next day, Illinois allowed bars and restaurants to start selling unopened bottles of beer, wine and liquor, but mixed drinks were excluded.

The tariffs make importing these liquors more expensive, reducing demand.

In their native home, “collected adults, pupae and larvae are soaked in liquor,” notes retired entomologist Jung-Tai Chao.

In terms of alcohol volume, a single can of these cocktails has the equivalent of approximately two servings with two-ounce liquor pours that you’d likely get in a bar, so consider sharing with a friend.

These bars often were run by the Mafia Advertisement , which owned the cigarette machines and jukeboxes, and sold watered-down liquor.

They became quite jolly as cocktails and red liquor flowed and tingled their veins.

The steward, a young mulatto, had contracted the bad habit of indulging too much in liquor.