Lisps [verb]

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Fortunately there are no brilliant sayings to record; he did not lisp in periods.

In fact, to people who lisp and pronounce their esses as though they were teeaitches, it's quite the same.

She watched the growth of her daughter, who was already beginning to lisp a few words which only a mother could understand.

And our thanks and tribute to the shade of "Mother Goose," beloved nurse of all who lisp the English tongue.

He was a fair-faced, blue-eyed young man, very shortsighted, with a faint lisp and an effeminate air.

Did he lisp in numbers, the boyish rhymes were duly scanned and criticised; had he a turn for painting, lessons were provided.

His boy is just old enough to give his name proudly with a lisp as "Tham Blythe Yeager."

She wears bright colours, and has a slow, musical voice, with a slight lisp.

No, for Clarice was beginning to lisp the language of Canaan, and “they that kept the fair were men of this world.”

The words are spoken softly and indistinctly; in addition there are many clicking tones and hollow gutturals; and they also lisp.