Lissome [adjective]

Definition of Lissome:

agile and thin

Synonyms of Lissome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lissome:


Sentence/Example of Lissome:

There is certainly no lack of either about this idyll of Elizabeth Kemp of the lissome limbs and auburn hair.

Her own costly wedding veil drapes the dainty, lissome figure.

What rhythms are so lissome and persuasive as those of the first part?

In this garden the musicians played, and the tawny dancers writhed and curved their lissome bodies, in dramatic Eastern dances.

Among the men of Seville one sees many slim, lissome, well-proportioned figures of medium height.

Their shapely, lissome feet skim and bound in bewildering and intricate steps, to the clicking of ribbon-decked castanets.

She was slightly above medium height, though not tall—a lissome, graceful girl with direct, frank eyes.

Abby was indeed a fair and gracious vision as she stood there, straight and lissome as a young palm-tree.

Where were the graceful, lissome figure, the dainty complexion, the passion-darkened eyes.

He was deeply sunburnt: scraggy in the neck; strong and lissome, but not very smart.