Listed [adjective]

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That Gilly run'd away, to get rid on ye, an' went an' listed for a soger, an' be gone to forin parts.

He had given up the girl he loved to please me, and he had listed for a soger to please himsel', and I alone wor to blame.

The apparatus and reagents listed here are sufficient for all the tests described in the text.

Gilbert went and listed for a soldier, and I came back to comfort the old people in their trouble.

The Errata listed above have been corrected in the text, except for "requires," which does not occur in the text as indicated.

So you then got all of the telegrams that were listed on Mrs. McClure's cash sheets; is that correct?

Certain differences between the two species are listed in the parallel columns below.

Their rulers were lifted up by the popular wave, and carried further than they listed.

Changes to the text (correction of typographical errors) are listed at the end of the book.

The triple alliance listed above came about rather simultaneously.