Listen [verb]

Definition of Listen:

hear and pay attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Listen:

Sentence/Example of Listen:

About a dozen attendees, socially distanced across the backyard, listened.

The real skill is pattern recognition over time of who is actually useful for good information — knowing who to listen to and for what.

Instead, I took to spending whole days in the wetland, watching and listening.

As always, thanks for the feedback and thanks for listening.

Even Spotify only shows you speed options when you’re listening to podcasts.

The reality of it is that in order to get just about anything done we do a lot of looking, listening and even smelling the other way.

His voicemail indicated that he rarely, if ever, answers his phone and that he doesn’t listen to messages.

Recently I listened to The Outsiders audiobook, which my board member Adam D’Augelli recommended.

Something is happening to the way Americans listen to music.

But he walked up and down the room and forced himself to listen, though he could scarcely bear it, I could see.