Listings [noun]

Definition of Listings:

list of participants

Synonyms of Listings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Listings:


Sentence/Example of Listings:

Punctuation has been normalized for the stage directions and the play listings in the Bibliography.

Complete documentation should be provided, including listings, step-by-step user instructions, and some fully worked out examples.

Symbolic language source tapes or card decks, listings with comments, and examples of use should be included.

There was nothing for him under the Specialist heading, even the Unskilled Labor listings were bare and unpromising.

Those chapter listings are retained, but the page number links are not active.

The only permanent change in recent years was the addition of aviation cadet to both the Air Force and Navy listings.

He also ordered military bases to maintain listings only on nonsegregated private housing.

At any rate, he could check listings under Dorothy Francis, he told himself.

For the rest of his life, his listings in the minutes show him "without charge."

Psychologists will often print their state license numbers in their telephone directory listings.